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[Reprinted from the N. E. Historical and Genealogical Register for January, 1881.] ***_/* 

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Bv Rev. Stephen Wright, of Glen's Falls, N. Y. 

1. Lieut. Abel Wright 1 was found among the early settlers of Spring- 
field, Massachusetts, in the Connecticut Valley, who spent a mature life of 
seventy years there, from 1655 to 1725, when he died at the advanced age 
of ninety-four years. Where he came from or who were his parents, I have 
been unable to ascertain. There were other Wright settlers in the colo- 
nies before him in Eastern Massachusetts, — as Capt. Richard Wright, at 
Lynn, in 1630 ; John Wright, at Woburn, in 1641 ; Robert Wright, at 
Boston, in 1643, according to Dr. Savage, in his Genealogical Dictionary, 
besides others in various places of a later date than the above named. And 
at Wethersfield, Conn., below Hartford, there was a Thomas Wright as 
early as 1639, who had quite a family. Also Dea. Samuel Wright was an 
early settler at Springfield about the same year, 1639-40, who had a family 
of eight children, all named ; but no Abel among either of these families 
is given in their records. 

It is possible, if not most probable, that these last two settlers, so near 
each other, were brothers, and from the date of their family records, uncles 
to Abel Wright, who might naturally have followed in the wake of his kins- 
man to Springfield, at the age of twenty-four years, where he is found in 
January, 1655. Hence I can safely begin his record at that date, and shall 
endeavor to follow his line of posterity for several generations, according 
to authentic information obtained by much labor, from both town and family 

Although the town had been settled in 1636, it was still in its infancy 
when our Abel appeared on the stage, to claim a place among his fellow men. 
I give two or three extracts from the town records of Springfield, which I 
made in November, 1863, that read as follows : "Jan. 2, 1655, — There is 
granted to Abell Wright, a home lot containing three acres in the land next 
ye Round Hill." And Feb. 13, 1656, again: "It is granted to Abell 
Wright an amount of Twenty (20) acres which had formerly Come into the 
hand of Rowland Thomas, lying in ye great plain over ye great river, called 
Chickuppy plain, provided he continues five years in town." And it seems 
in the sequel that he came to stay, as he did for seventy years. 

Again says the record: " March 13, 1660, — There is granted to Thomas 
Bancroft Abell Wright, John Lumbard and Richard Sikes, a parcel of land 
lying on the west side of y e great river over against y e long meadow below 
George Colton's, which land hereby granted, lyeth between two brooks, and 
it is to run westward from y e river to a hill about 40 rods westward ; — Thos. 
Bancroft to lie next to the Southermost brook, Abell Wright next toward 
the north, John Lumbard next to him, and Richard Sikes next to him : — 
They four sharing thereof equally in three-score acres of land, if there be 
so much there ; — or if there be not so much they are to divide the piece 
equally amongst them, lying as above expressed." — See Record of Deeds, 
vol. i. p. 203. Various other grants of land, to the number of sixteen in 
all, from 1655 to 1695, as well as several to his sons Joseph and Abel, Jr., 
are on the town records also. In those primitive times the farming was on 
a smaller scale than we see now, and hence the few acres allotted to each 


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2 Wright Genealogy. I % % f 

settler in these grants. Contemporary with Abel Wright were such men 
as Col. John Pynchon, Samuel Terry, John Bliss, Thomas Root, Robert 
Ashley, Hugh Dudley, Thomas Sewall, Obadiah Miller, Eliezer Holyoke, 
John Holyoke, James Osborne, Nathaniel Pritcharcl and Thomas Gilbert ; 
with Deacons Samuel Chapin, Samuel Wright (until 10o7, when he re- 
removed to Northampton, and died there Oct. 17, 1665, when asleep in his 
chair), Jonathan Burt, Benjamin Parsons, John Hitchcock and James War- 
riner, and Rev. Pelatiah Glover from 1659 to 1692, and Rev. Samuel 
Brewer from 1694 to 1725, and onwards to 1733, when the last pastor 
died ; all these in the First Congregational Church. 

" Feb. 23, 1662. In the order of Seating persons in church, Abell 
Wright is put in the ' eighth seat ' with Mr. Horton, John Bag, Josh- 
ua Riley and Lyman Beaman. And Samuel Terry in the 9th seat with 
four others." According to the Springfield Records that I saw and han- 
dled in 1863, the following facts are shown : 

, Abel 1 Wright married Dec. 1, 1 659, Martha Kitcherel, daughter of Sam- 
uel K. of Hartford, Conn., and had a family of thirteen children, of whom 
ten married (see names below). He was a citizen of some note, both in 
the civil and military service of the town. In 1695 he was elected to the 
" General Court," and in May, 1696, Dea. Burt and Lieut. Abel Wright 
were chosen to answer a petition of the people on the west side of the river 
asking to become a separate parish and procure a minister of their own. 
In 1708, July 26th, Indians came upon the town and despoiled his family, 
scalping his wife, who died in consequence on the 19th of October follow- 
ing. They also killed an infant of his son Henry, and captured his wife, 
who died soon after. But this venerable ancestor lived until 1725, for his 
tombstone record says: "Lieut. Abel Wright died October 29th, 1725, 
aged 94 years." His children were as follows : 

2. i. Joseph, b. Sept. 1, 1660, and m. Sarah Osborne. 
ii. Martha, b. Nov. 29, 1662 ; m. Thomas Mario w. 

3. iii. Abel. b. Sept. 25, 1664; m. Rebecca Terry, Sept- 16, 1691, and had 

thirteen children. 

4. iv. Benjamin, b. March 14, 1667 ; m. Mary Chapin in 1694; had three 

v. Hannah, b. July 28, 1669 ; m. Joseph Saxton, Nov. 20, 1690, and had 

seven children : — Gershom, 3 b. 1691 ; Hannah, 3 1692 ; Joseph, 3 1694 ; 

Mindwell, 3 1696 ; David 3 1700 ; Ezekiel 3 1704 ; and Charles 3 1708, 

at Enfield. 
vi. Henry, b. May 23, 1671, and d. young;. 
vii. Sarah, b. May 8, 1673 ; m. Thomas Chapin, Feb. 15, 1694, and had 

eleven children. She died July 26, 1770, aged nearly 98. 
viii. Mary, b. March 9, 1675 ; m. Nathaniel Bliss in 1698. 

5. ix. Henry, 2d, b. June 8, 1677 ; m. Hannah Bliss, May 24, 1705. 

6. x. Samuel, b. June 17, 1679 ; m. Mary Case, of Lebanon, Nov. 27, 1710. 
xi. Elizabeth, b. Aug. 18, 1682, and d. June 17, 1683. 

xii. John, b. April 21, 1685, and d. soon. 

xiii. Elizabeth, 2d, b. Aug. 22, 1687 ; m. Ebenezer Dewey, of Lebanon, 

Nov. 8, 1709, and had Elizabeth 3 b. Oct. 7, 1710, and Ebenezer 3 Jr., 

b. Jan. 24, 1712. 

2. JosErn 2 Wright {Abel 1 ), b. Sept. 1, 1660, at Springfield; m. Sarah 
Osborne, Dec. 29, 1687, and had eight children, born in S., as below. He 
must have followed his younger brother Abel to Lebanon, Conn., about 
1708, as a petition of his to the town authorities is on record there, dated 
Dec. 13, 1708, asking for a grant of land near Abel Wright's first division, 
" because the enemy had spoiled and carried away much of his estate " at 
Springfield ; which was granted him Dec. 17th, 1708. How long he con- 
tinued at L. we are unable to say. Ilis children, born at S., were : 

Wright Genealogy. 3 

i. Mindwell, b. Sept. 24, 1688, and d. young. 

ii. Joseph, Jr., b. Oct. 14, 1690. 

iii. Sarah, b. Nov. 20, 1692, and m. probably June 20, 1719, Hezekiah 

Porter, of Hartford, Conn. 
iv. Benjamin, b. Nov. 11, 1694, and slain by the Indians in 1712. 
v. Mindwell, 2d, b. March 4, 1697. 

vi. Martha, b. June 16, 1699 ; m. probably, Jonathan Old, Feb. 18, 1720. 
vii. Mary, b. Sept. 24, 1702. 
viii. Rachel, b. Dec. 4, 1706. Can give no more of this family now. 

3. Ensign Abel 2 Wright {Abel 1 ), b. Sept. 25, 1664 ; m. Sept. 16, 1691, 
Rebecca Terry, b. Dec. 5, 1673, daughter of Samuel and Anna (Lobdell) 
Terry, of S., and had thirteen children, like his father before him, of whom 
nine married. Of these, four were born in Springfield, when he removed 
to Lebanon about 1700, where the other nine are on record. He spent 
forty-five years of his life there, and became quite a landholder and business 
man among his fellows. In 1702 he bought ninety acres of land of Josiah 
Dewey and William Clarke " for Seven Founds, Silver, Current money of 
New England;" and January 24, 1 703, twenty-one acres more of Philip 
Smith; and in 1711, June 6, nine acres more of Dewey and Clarke ; mak- 
ing one hundred and twenty acres in all. But his greatest purchase was, 
May 30, 1717, of Rev. Samuel Whiting, minister of Windham, of eight 
hundred and twenty-nine acres, partly in W. and partly in Lebanon, for 250 
pounds, as the deed on record at Windham says. From these lands he 
afterwards deeds one hundred and forty acres to his daughter Rebecca and 
her husband Jacob Ordway, in 1718 and 1720 ; to his son Abel, Jr., one hun- 
dred and eighty acres, Oct. 22, 1718 ; and to his loving son Ebenezer, one 
hundred and eighty acres, Aug. 24, 1722; being part of the tract bought of 
Rev. Samuel Whiting, and sold still to several others as late as the year 
1739. His last will is dated Jan. 10, 1744, in which he names four sons 
and four daughters, making his " Beloved wife Rebecca and son Ebenezer 
Wright the Executrix and Executor of his last will and Testament," &c. 
This will was probated before Judge Jonathan Trumbull, at Windham, 
Sept. 18, 1747, and certified in due form on the records by Ichabod Rob- 
inson, clerk of said court. He had died June 2, 1745, and was buried in 
Lebanon near the graves of the Trumbull, Fitch and Terry families. 
The names of his thirteen children are as follows: 

i. Rebecca, b. Sept. 7, 1692 ; m. Jacob Ordway, of L., about 1711, who 

had four children:— 1. Mary, 4 b. Aug. 16, 1712. 2. Rebecca, 4 b. 

Jan. 16, 1714. 3. Jemima 4 b. Dec. 11, 1715. 4. Rachel, 4 b. Nov. 

28,1717. (SeeLeb. Rec.) 
ii. Samuel, b. July 4, 1694, and d. July 10, 1694. 
iii. Abel, b. Aug. 22, 1695 ; m. Mary Calkins, at L., Nov. 7, 1717, and 

had :— 1. Sarah 4 b. Aug. 25, 1718. 2. Samuel, 4 b. May 14, 1720. 

3. Abel, Jr. 4 b. Feb. 23, 1722. All at Windham, 
iv. Samuel, 2d, b. Dec. 2, 1698, and no more of him. 

7. v. Ebenezer, b. Feb. 22, 1701, at Lebanon; m. Elizabeth Newcomb. 
vi. Mary, b. Nov. 22, 1702, and no more of her. 

8. vii. Ephraim, b. Feb. 29, 1704 ; m. Hannah Wood, June 29, 1724. 

viii. Martha, b. April 12, 1705 ; m. Holbrook, as named in her la- 
ther's will. 

ix. Jemima, b. Sept. 24, 1707 ; m. Hutchinson, as in the will. 

x. Ann, b. June 4, 1709 ; m. Buell, as named in will. 

xi. Miriam, b. Nov. 14, 1710, and no more of her. 
xii. Benjamin, b. July 29, 1712, and d. Aug. 1712. 

9. xiii. Benjamin, 2d, b. March 3, 1714; m. in 1734, Rachel . 

4 Wright Genealogy . 

4. Benjamin 2 Wright (Abel 1 ), b. March 14, 1667; m. Mary Chapin 
in 1694, dau. of Henry C. of Springfield, likely, and had three children, and 
died Dec. 25, 1704, and his widow died Jan. 13, 1708. Their children are 
as follows : 

i. Benjamin, b. May 22, 1697. 

ii. Henry, b. May 19, 1700. 

iii. Mary, b. May 1, 1705 ; posthumous. 

5. Henry 2 Wright, 2d (Abel 1 ), b. June 8, 1677 ; m. Hannah Bliss, 
dau. of John Bliss, May 24, 1705, and had two children. His wife was cap- 
tured by the Indians July 26, 1708, and with her infant son was killed soon 
after, at the calamity already named. He then married, March 15, 1711, 
Sarah Root, daughter of Thomas Root, of Westfield, probably, who bore 
him six more children. He also must have followed his older brother Abel 
to Lebanon, and lived awhile, as it is there recorded that Henry Wright 
deeded thirty acres of land to his brother Abel, Nov. 23, 1705. And again 
May 5, 1707, Henry Wright and Hannah deeded a piece of land to Abel 
Wright, as Josiah Dewey had deeded twenty-one acres to Henry Wright, 
Feb. 1, 1703. The presumption is that he sold out his interest at Leba- 
non and returned to Springfield, where the great calamity mentioned above 
fell upon him in 1708 ; when he married second wife, Sarah Root, raised up 

his family, lost Sarah, and married a third wife Elizabeth ' , who, as the 

Springfield records say, died June, 1738. His own death is there recorded 
as transpiring in 1768, at the age of 91. His eight children are given as 
follows : 

i. Hannah, b. May 18, 1706. 

ii. Henry, Jr., b. Jan. 9, 1708, and killed July 26, 1708. 

iii. Moses, by second wife, b. about 1713 ; date not given exactly. 

iv. Stephen, b. 1716. 

v. Caleb, b. 1718. 

vi. Elisha, b. 1720. 

vii. Sarah, b. 1723. 

viii. Deborah, b. . No date at all. 

6. Samuel 2 Wright (Abel 1 ), b. June 17, 1679, at S. ; m. Mary Case, 
of Lebanon. Nov. 27, 1710, and had three children recorded there, as given 
below. He must have followed his brother Abel to Lebanon, as the records 
show a deed of two hundred acres of land from Josiah Dewey and William 
Clarke to Samuel Wright, dated January 30, 1702. (See Old Records, 
pp. 84, 85.) Little more can be said of him than to give the names of his 
children, and that he married, Dec. 13, 1727, Anna Loomis, of L., and that 
he lived at Norwich awhile. His children were : 

i. Aaron, b. March 29, 1713. 
ii. John, b. Sept. 23, 1716. 
iii. Mary, b. May 10, 1721. 

By second wife : 

iv. Rebecca, b. Sept. 24, 1728. 
v. Elijah, b. Aug. 14, 1730. 
vi. Anna, b. Oct. 7, 1732. 
vii. Samuel, b. Feb. 17, 1735. 
viii. Eleazer born Aug. 3, 1739. 

7. Ebenezer 3 Wright (Abel, 2 Abel 1 ), b. Feb. 22, 1701, at Lebanon ; 

m. April 20, 1721, Elizabeth, b. 1701-2, dau. of Simon and Deborah ( ) 

Newcomb, of L., who bore him three children, and died Jan. 13, 1727. 
He married second, March 28, 1728, Sarah Huntington, b. May 25, 1705, 













Wright Genealogy. 5 

dau. of Dea. Joseph and Rebecca (Adgate) Huntington, and sister to Gov. 
Samuel Huntington's father, by whom eight children, when she died Oct. 
19, 1775. He married third, Feb. 15, 1776, Mrs. Mary (Mason) Hunt- 
ington, the widow of David H., a brother of his wife Sarah, with whom he 
lived ten years, and died April 22, 1786, at Mansfield, aged 85. He was 
a farmer and quite a land owner, like his father Abel. He removed to 
Mansfield about 1740, where he became a baptist, as several of his children 
did also. His last will, dated Dec. 2, 1768, at M., names all his eleven 
children, and makes his wife Sarah, and his son Capt. Amaziah W., the 
executors of his estate. The following are his children : 

i. Zerviau, b. March 12, 1722, at Windham; in. Jan. 8, 1741, John 

Upton, and had Sarah, 5 b. Oct. 17, 1741, and others we presume, 

as he mentions the heirs of his beloved daughter Zerviah Upton in 

his will. 
ii. Deborah, b. Jan. 29, 1725 ; in. Paul Davison, May 7, 1747, and had 

Abial 5 b. March 7, 1748, and Deborah* b. May 11, 1750. Mr. D. 

died Aug. 20, 1751, at Newtown, N. J., when she married, second, 

Aaron Younglove, Jan. 17, 1753. 
Ebenezer, b. Jan. 2, 1727 ; m. Mercy Leach, who had ten children. 
Rev. Eliphalet, b. Feb. 27, 1729 ; m. Hannah Marsh. 
Elizabeth, b. Nov. 30, 1730; m. Eleazer Baldwin, April 8, 1751, and 

had nine children, from whom a large posterity have come. 
Sarah, b. Sept. 22, 1732 ; m. Dea. Jeremiah Leffingwell, of Pomfret, 

Ct., about 1755 ; had nine children and a large posterity. 
Elisha, b. Sept. 18, 1734; m. Hannah Baldwin, Oct. 28, 1756. 
Mary, b. Jan. 15, 1737; m. John Turner about 1763, and had ten 

children, from whom a large posterity. 
Capt. Amaziah, b. Feb. 11, 1739 ; m. Zerviah Fitch, dau. of Capt. 

and Dea. Eleazer F., of Windham, and had ten children. 
14. x. Eleazer, b. April 12, 1741 ; m. Anna Marsh, dau. of Joseph M., of 

Windham, April 25, 1765, and had twelve children. 
xi. Rebecca, b. about 1744 or 45 (date wanting) ; m. Marsh, of Kil- 

lingly, Ct., and as tradition in the family says, had one son, 

James, 5 who married and went into central New York, had four or 

five children, and was despoiled or killed by the Indians, and his 

family lost to the knowledge of their kindred. 

8. Ephraim 3 Wright (Abel, 2 Abel 1 ), b. Feb. 29, 1704, at Lebanon ; 
m. June 29, 1724, Hannah Wood, and had six children at Lebanon. He 
was a fanner, and deeded lands to several persons from Sept. 30, 1737, 
to June 14, 1751, according to the records of L. and Windham. His 
wife died March 18, 1737, and he married again and raised a second family 
of several children, as an extant letter in my possession from his younge-t 
son, Gen. Daniel Wright, testifies, dated May 2, 1809, at Westport, Essex 
Co., N. Y. He says he was born in Hebron, Conn., in 175 6-, and that 
he was the son of Ephraim W., and after the death of his brother, 
Lieut. Beriah W., and his father also in the French war, about 1758-9, 
his mother put him in the care of his uncle Ebenezer* W., at Mansfield, at 
the age of five, as she had several small children, so he was brought up 
among his kindred there. So far as known his children were : 

i. John, b. March 18, 1726. 

ii. Hannah, b. Feb. 24, 1731. 

iii. Martha, b. Jan. 14, 1733. 

iv. Ephraim, Jr. > twins ; b. March 16, C Ann m. March 11, 1756, John 

v. Ann. > 1735. I Huntington, of Windham, and 

had a daughter Wealthanf b. Jan. 6, 1757, and the mother died 
May 6, 1758. 

vi. Lieut. Beriah, b. Feb. 22, 1737, and died at Albany in 1759, re- 
turning from his military campaign, and his father Ephraim only 
reached his home at H. to die very soon. 

6 Wright Genealogy . 

vii. — ix. Several, whose names are wanting. 

x. Uen. Daniel, b. in 1756 at Hebron ; m. Patience , and had seve- 
ral children — the oldest, Jerusha? b. about 1778, m. Elias Sturte- 
vaiit, I). 1709 ; had son Dea. George W., 6 and died June 20, 1856, 
aged 87 years, as bis son did Feb. 23, 1863, aged 61, at Westport, 
N. Y., leaving several children. Gen. Wright was in the war of the 
revolution some years sifter 1775, and afterwards removed to .New 
Hampshire for a time, but in 1798 located at Westport, where he 
died, Oct. 1, 1822, and his wife Patience April 17, 1829, aged 71 

9. Benjamin 3 Wright (Abel, 2 Abel 1 ), b. March 3, 1714, at Lebanon 5 

m. Rachel in 1734, and bad nine children, as recorded in L. I have 

only an imperfect knowledge of him and his posterity, but can give the 
names and birth-dates of his children, as below. In 1865 Rev. Jehiel Kel- 
logg Wright, an aged baptist minister at West Cornwall, Vt., gave me some 
account of this family in the line of his son Benjamin, 4 b. July 5, 1737, 
and his son Daniel? b. Aug. 15, 1776, who died at Cornwall, Jan. 5, 1837. 
Rev. J. K? Wright was b. Aug. 15, 1801, and d. Aug. 25, 1875. By him I 
learned there was a large posterity from his grandfather Benjamin 4 of 1737, 
of whom I hope to gather fuller records. About the same year I gathered 
from Mr. Elijah Wright, of Westport, N. Y., some account of Abel, 4 born 
Aug. 8, 1742 (Benjamin, 3 Abel, 2 Abel 1 ), who m. Elizabeth Baldwin, had 
three children at Hartford, Vt., where he died Feb. 1828, aged 85 J years. 
This Elijah? b. Dec. 28, 1799, was at his grandfather's funeral, being a son 
of Abel b and Alice (Page) Wright, who had six children, and died July, 
1827, at Hartford, Vt. He reports quite a posterity from Abel, 4 of 1742, 
more of whom I hope to reach in due time. The children of Benjamin 
and Rachel were : 

i. Lucy, b. May 15, 1735. 
15. ii. Benjamin, b. July 5, 1737 ; m. Ann Reclington. 

iii. Mercy, b. July 26, 1739. 

iv. Abel, b. Aug. 8, 1742; m. Elizabeth Baldwin, and three children, 
Abel? Irene 6 and Mary? and died as given above, Feb. 1828. 

v. Mary, b. Oct. 2, 1744. 

vi. Rachel, b. Feb. 13, 1747 ; m. Whiting Strong. 

vii./ Major David, b. March 14, 1749 ; m. Bailey, as reported, and had 

( five children in Hartford, Vt., viz. : David, 5 b. about 1775-6 ; Han- 
nah? b. 1778, in. Milo Marsh, and six children; Daniel* M.D., 
b. about 1780 ; William? b. about 1783-4 ; and Wealthy? b. about 
1786-7, and m. — — Pinneo. 

viii. Rebecca, b. April 2, 1752; m. Christopher Pease, and had six child- 
ren or more. 

ix. Jonathan, b. March 31, 1754; m. Ryder, as reported, and died 

in Lebanon, N. EL, or in that vicinity. I have 175 — 200 of the pos- 
terity of Benjamin W., 3 of 1714, more or less correctly named and 

10. Ebenezer 4 Wright (Ebenezer? Abel? Abel 1 ), b. Jan. 2, 1727, at 

"Windham ; m. March 11, 1751, Mercy, dan. of Amos and Leach, and 

had ten children, and has had a posterity of over twelve hundred to the 
tenth generation already attained. He was a farmer, lived in Mansfield a 
few years, then in New Fairfield, Conn., then in Newtown, Sussex Co., N. J., 
and about 1765-6 removed to Shaftsbury, Vt. The events of the war of 
the revolution sent him to Canada West, where he spent the evening of his 
life, with his companion and five children near him, at Cornwall and 
Johnstown, where he died July 18, 1809, as his wife had done May 13, 
1801, aged 67| years. Their children were: 


Wright Genealogy. 7 

16. i. Dea. Abraham, b. July 13, 1752 (N. Style) ; m. Sarah Babcock, and 
had nine children, and second, Phebe Burt, and three more. 

17. ii. Capt. Asahel, b. Aug. 18, 1754; m. Eve Haynes, and nine children. 
iii. Zerviah, b. Dec. 4, 1756 ; m. 'March 3, 1775, Charles Spencer (b. Mar. 

10, 1749), of Shaftsbury, and had eight children, and died April 
29, 1793. Mr. S. was a soldier in the revolutionary war, a farmer, 
and died Nov. 18, 1843, aged 94 years and eight months. A pos- 
terity of about 200 have come from Zerviah W. Spencer. 

18. iv. Ebenezer, b. Oct. 15, 1758; m. about 1780-81, Rachel Marsh. 

19. v. Amos, b. June 22, 1761, at Newtown, N. J., and m. Sabra Wilcox, of 
— ' , about 1785, and had four children. He died July 18, 1796. 

20. vi. David, b. Nov. 16, 1763, at Newtown ; m. Tamar Burrittabout 1796 ; 
had eight children, and died Oct. 25, 1819, at Cornwall, a farmer. 

vii. Mercy, b. March 26, 1766, at Shaftsbury, Vt. ; m. Nov. 12, 1783, 
George McEwen, a farmer of Hinesburg, Vt. ; had nine children, 
and died at H., Dec. 26, 1847, leaving a good posterity. Her child- 
ren were — Dea. James, 6 b.Jan. 23, 1786. and five children ; Charles, 6 
b. July 19, 1787, four children ; Augustus, 6 b. Dec. 17, 1788, had 
twelve children ; Capt. Carlton, 6 b. March 25, 1791, and seven child- 
ren ; Ransom, 6 b. Dec. 26, 1792, m. but no children ; Dea. George, 6 
b. Dec. 19, 1794, and ten children ; Caroline, 6 b. Jan 29, 1798, and 
one child; Rebecca, 6 b. July 11, 1800, m. and died soon ; and Mercy 
Morinda 6 b. May 31, 1802, and had six children. A large posterity 
came from Mercy W. McEwen. 

viii. Sarah, b. Sept. 3, 1768; m. Peleg Spencer, a brother of Charles, 
above, and had seven children, and died Jan. 2, 1844, at Johnstown, 
C. W. 

ix. Elizabeth, b. April 24, 1773, and d. Oct. 9, 1777. 

x. Rebecca, b. April 24, 1776 ; m. Mace, and one child, Sybil, 6 born 

1795 ; m. second, Henry Barnhart, Sept. 2, 1800, and had nine 
children and over fifty grandchildren. A farmer's wife, and d. Sept. 
1, 1847, at Cornwall, C. West. 

11. Rev. Eliphalet 4 Wright' (Ebenezer? Abel, 2 Abel 1 ) was born Feb. 
27, 1729, at Windham, Conn. He married, May 22, 1751, Hannah, dau. 
of Thomas Marsh, of W r ., and had nine children born at W. and South 
Killingly, Ct. He was a tanner and currier and shoemaker by trade in 
early life, but became pastor of the Congregational church at South Kil- 
lingly in 1764, where he continued until his lamented death, Aug. 4, 1784. 
His widow lived to a great age, and died Jan. 2, 1815, at Hinsdale, Mass., 
at the home of her son, Capt. Samuel 6 Wright, who cared for her in the de- 
cline of life. Though not liberally educated, Rev. Eliphalet Wright was 
an acceptable preacher, and published a sermon preached on Thanksgiving 
Day, Dec. 5, 1776, of which I now possess a copy, that has the ring of true 
patriotism in it, for those " times that tried men's souls." It was printed bv 
J. Trumbull, of Norwich, Conn. His children were : 

i. Hannah, b. Jan. 9, 1752, at M. ; d. April 6, 1753. 

ii. Hannah, 2d, b. July 9, 1754 ; m. Jan. 1772, Barnabas Davis, and had 

seven children, She died at Killingly, Sept 24, 1844, aged 90. 
iii. Eliphalet, Jr., b. Dec. 16, 1756 ; d. 1760. 
iv. Eunice, b. May 3, 1759; d. Aug. 11, 1760. 

21. v. Capt. Samuel, b. April 12, 1761 ; m. Keziah Stearns, had eight chil- 

dren ; by second wife, Betsey Watkins, had four more. 

vi. Eunice, 2d, b. March 1, 1764 ; m. Day. 

vii. Sarah, b. March 7, 1766, at Killingly ; m. Isaac Sprague and had 
seven children, among them Rev. Ezra Sprague 6 of the M. E. order. 

viii. Rebecca, b. Dec. 1, 1767; m. James Parkis, and had five children. 

ix. Olive, b. Jan. 6, 1770 ; m. Capt. Abraham Washburn, of Hinsdale, 
Mass., in April, 1806, as second wife, and had three children— 
Abraham, 6 d. young ; Mary Northrop, 6 b. May 9, 1808, m. Elijah 
H. Goodrich of H. (had seven sons, of whom two are college gradu- 

8 Wright Genealogy, 

ates, Rev. John E. 7 of the University of Vermont, class of 1853, and 
Rev. Chauncy, 7 of Wins. College, class of 1861) ; an)dOlive, 6 b. June 
4, 1810. Mrs. Washburn died June 22, 1842, and her husband 
Aug. 23, 1851, aged nearly 98 years, having been born Dec. 20, 1753. 

12. Elisha 4 Wright (Ebenezer? Abel, 2 Abel 1 ) was born in Windham, 
Sept. 18, 1734. He married, first, Hannah, daughter of John Baldwin, of 
Norwich, Oct. 28, 1756, and had ten children, when his wife died June 6, 
1777, and five of his children also, of an epidemic, in five months of time. 
He married, second, Chloe Spaffbrd, April 14, 1778, who bore him three 
more children. He was a tanner and small farmer at Mansfield, where he 
died, Oct. 23, 1785, being crushed under a cart wheel. His widow out- 
lived him fifty-four years, dying April 10, 1844, aged 95. Their children 
were : 

L Araunah, b. Nov. 15, 1757 ; d. May 6, 1777. 

22. ii. Elisha, b. Nov. 9, 1759 ; m. Asenath Brigham about 1792, and had 

four children. 

iii. Hannah, ) twins ; b. Feb. 4, C Hannah d. Aug. 27, 1777. 

iv. Elizabeth, ) 1762. \ in. Paul Clark, a soldier of the revo- 

lution, and a farmer, in 1785, and had eight children, all born in 
Hartford, Vt., of whom seven married and had about fifty children 
in their families. Mrs. Clark died Sept. 24, 1843, at Williston, Vt. 

v. Mary, b. Feb. 22, 1764 ; d. Aug. 10, 1777. 

vi. Lucy, b. Sept. 30, 1766 ; m. Amasa Watkins,,of Reading, Vt., and 
had eight children. 

vii. Olive, b. March 7, 1769 ; d. Aug. 13, 1777. 

23. viii. Abraham Spafford, b. Jan. 19, 1772 ; m. first, Hannah Dunham, and 

second, Polly Shaw, and had eleven children in all. He died March 
4, 1826, at Royal ton, Vt. 
ix. Parthena, b. May 23, 1774; d. Aug. 6, 1777. 

24. x. John Hyde, b. April 19, 1777; m. Lorinda Royce, of Mansfield, Oct. 

7, 1802; had four children. He was a farmer, and d. in Willing- 
ton, Ct., Feb. 1866, aged 89, as his wife did the same month. 

By second wife : 

xi. Hannah, 2d, b. Feb. 16, 1780 ; died at Lebanon, August 29, 1810. 

xii. Olive, b. Jan. 1, 1782 ; m. Timothy Williams, of Lebanon, Sept. 28, 
1809, and had eight children. Mr. Williams had been a school 
teacher in early life, and was a member of the Connecticut legisla- 
ture several terms in his maturer years. 

xiii. Parthena, 2d, b. July 23, 1784; m. 1805, Dea. Jesse Gurley, of 
Mansfield (b. May 1, 1785), and had three daughters who each be- 
came the second wife of Baptist ministers — Sophia Sybil, 6 m. Rev. 
Leonard Slater, missionary to the Indians ; Sophronia Spafford, 6 m. 
Rev. Bela Hicks ; Mary, 6 m. Rev. Miner G. Clarke, and has an only 
son, William Gary, 7 in business at Chicago. Mrs. Mary G. Clarke 
has done good work with her pen. 

13. Capt. Amaziah 4 Wright (Ubenezer, 8 Abel, 2 Abel 1 ) was born Feb. 
11, 1739, at Windham. He married, April 1, 1762, Zerviah, dau. of Capt. 
and Dea. Eleazer Fitch, of W., and had five sons and five daughters. He 
served in the war, was a farmer in Mansfield, and the executor of his fa- 
ther's last will, dated Dec. 2, 1768, and probated in 1787-8. About 1793 
-4, he removed to Salisbury, in the north-west corner of Connecticut, where 
he and his wife (who were both baptists) died not long after. But definite 
information is lacking. Their children were : 

i. Sarah, b. Tues. 2 o'clock P.M., March 29, 1763. 

25. ii. Ebknezer, b. Wednes. 1 A.M., April 10, 1765 ; m. Anna Galusha, a 

sister of Gov. Jonas G., of Shaftsbury, Vt., about 1787-8, and had 
eight children and a large posterity widely scattered. 

Wright Genealogy . 9 

iii. Zerviah, b. Nov. 21, 1767; d. unmarried. ' 

iv. Eleazer Fitch, b. March 22, 1770 ; m. but lost to kindred. 

v. Deborah, b. Feb. 6, 1773 ; m. Nichols, in Salisbury, had three 

children, all dead, and she died Dec. 18, 1849, at Canfield, Ohio, 
vi. Dr. Amaziah, b. Jan. 5, 1776 ; m. Maria A. Lane, of New Milford, 

Ct., Jan. 10, 1809 ; had a son George William* b. March 22, 1813, 

and one daughter. He died at N. Milford, Dec. 11, 1838, after 

a successful practice in New York city, 
vii. Eliphalet, b. Dec. 28, 1777, and d. at Salisbury, unm. 

26. viii. Thomas, b. March 1, 1779; m. Clarissa Hollenbeck, and second, 

Eliza Pryor, and had ten children; was a farmer; d. August 21, 
1851, at Hudson, O. 

ix. Mary, b. Feb. 23, 1782 ; m. Augustus Hammett, at Jewett City, Ct., 
and had one son, Samuel Adams* b. Feb. 4, 1816, who was a cap- 
tain in the Mexican war, an author, and a merchant in New York 
city. Mrs. H. died in New York city April 5, 1826. 

x. Jerusha, b. Aug. 29, 1784; m. Ensign Church, in Salisbury, Ct., 
and had two children, when Mr. C. died in 1813. She m. second, 
Eli T. Boughton, May 22, 1814, and had four more children. One, 
Mary Sophia 6 Church, b. Feb. 20, 1807, is the wife of Judge Ebene- 
zer Newton, of Canfield, Ohio, where the mother died about 1870, 
leaving quite a posterity. 

14. Eleazer 4 Wright (Ubenezer, 3 Abel, 2 Abel 1 ) was born at Mansfield, 
April 12, 1741, and m. Anna Marsh, April 25, 1765, dau. of Joseph M., of 
Windham, b. Nov. 3, 1745, and had twelve children, four sons and eight 
daughters, all born in M., where the parents lived and both died — the father 
Jan. 1, 1825, and the mother April 10, 1825. They were baptists, as many 
of their children and posterity are. Their children were as follows : 

i. Anna, b. Oct. 2, 1766; m. Capt. Daniel Dimock, of Coventry, Ct., 

Nov. 16, 1786, a farmer, and had nine children. She died June 20, 

1832, and he died Aug. 1, 1833. 
ii. Parthena, b. Dec. 20, 1767, and died Sept. 2, 1769. 
iii. Elizabeth, b. July 21, 1769; m. Capt. Shubael Dimock (cousin of 

Daniel), Jan. 23, 1789, and had eight children. She died August 1, 

1837, at Mansfield, 
iv. Eleazer, Jr. b. Feb. 23, 1771, and d. Sept. 21, 1802, unm. 
v. Marvin, b. June 8, 1772 ; d. Dec. 27, 1773. 
vi. Eliphalet, b. Nov. 30, 1774 ; d. Nov. 3, 1775. 
vii. Clara, b. Aug. 19, 1776; m. Robert Barrowes, a farmer of M., Nov. 

25, 1799, and had ten children, and d. March 3, 1836, at M., as her 

husband did March 24, 1850. 
viii. Mary, b. May 19, 1778, and d. unm. Aug. 23, 1851. 
ix. Jemima, b. Aug. 25, 1780; m. Abram Parrish, March 15, 1801, and 

had ten children, and d. Jan. 11, 1823, at Wilkesbarre, Pa. 
x. Sophia, b. Sept. 28, 1782 ; m. Horace Hanks, of M., March 11, 1801, 

and had eight children — one, Rev. Siedman Wright* now of Boston, 

b. Sept. 6, 1811, was a graduate of Amherst College in the class of 

1837. She died Jan. 1, 1850, at Mansfield. 

27. xi. Stedman Huntington, b. July 4, 1784; m. Polly Barrows, of M. ; 

had ten children, and died at South Weymouth, Mass., Nov. 3, 1857. 
Two of his daughters were the wives of Rev. Sylvester Barrows, a 
baptist pastor. 
xii. Orrilla, b. May 3, 1786; m. Ralph Storrs, of Mansfield, a farmer, 
Jan. 14, 1810-and had five children, and died March 8, 1864. 

15. Benjamin 4 Wright ( ffTi j\A Abel, 2 Abel 1 ) was born July 5, 1737, 

at Lebanon, Ct. He married, April 29, 1762, Ann Redington, and had two 
children, when she died about 17.64. He married, second, Abigail Kellogg, 
in 1765, and had eight children, as our informant, Rev. J. K. Wright, 6 says, 
alluded to in number 9. Their children were : 

10 Wright Genealogy. 

i. Benjamin, Jr., b. about 1763, and /at New Lebanon, N. Y. 
ii. Jacob, b. about 1764. 

iii. Abner, b. about 1766; m. Jennie , and had eight children. 

iv. George, b. about 1768 ; m. Hannah , and had sixteen children. 

v. Sarah, b. about 1770 ; m. Isaac Mead, and had five children. Lived 

at Potsdam, N. Y. 
vi. LYDiA,b. about 1772; m. Ezekiel Pratt, and had three children. Lived 

in Addison, Vt. 
vii. Rhoda, b. about 1774 ; m. Solomon Smedley ; no children. 
viii. Daniel, b. Aug. 15, 1776, at New Lebanon, N. Y., and m. Feb. 1, 

1798, at Cornwall, Vt., Azubah Jones, and had ten children — Dea. 

Erastus* Rev. Jehiel Kellogg * b. Aug. 15, 1801, George* Reuben 

Randall* Merinda* Belinda,* William Daniel* (drowned at 17), 

Betsey,* Victor * b. July 29, 1819, and Wealthy Azubah* 
ix. Anna, b. about 1778 ; m. Samuel Robinson, and had five children, at 

Lockport, N. Y. 
x. William, b. about 1780, m. Polly Squires, and had 4 children. In all 

51 grandchildren 6 of Benjamin 4 W. and many of the next generation. 

16. Dea. Abraham* "Wright (Ebenezer 4 , Ebenezer, 3 Abel, 2 Abel 1 ) was 
born in Mansfield, July 13, 1752 (N. S.), and married Sarah Babcock, May 
19, 1773, dau. of James B., of Exeter, Rhode Island, who bore him 9 children, 
and died April 27, 1787, at Cambridge, N. Y. Pie married, second, Phebe 
Burt, Dec. 13, 1787, who bore him three children more. He was a farmer, 
a decided Baptist, and wrote some in mature life in defence of their prin- 
ciples. He settled in Cambridge, Washington Co., N. Y., after marriage, 
where his children were all born, but removed in 1798, and spent the 
evening of his life in Kingsbury (same Co.), where he died Feb. 14, 1814, 
as his wife had the 9th of January preceding. The children were : 

i. An Infant son, b. May 21, 1774, and d. same day. 

ii. Esther, b. Nov. 29, 1775, and d. Sept. 18, 1777 ; a very bright child. 

iii. Zerviah, b. Jan. 26, 1777 ; married in 1795, Peter Powers, who be- 
came a Baptist minister in W. New York. She died March 20, 1841. 
No children. 

iv. Ebenezer (Lieut.), b. Dec. 15, 1778; m. March 1, 1798, Mary Tif- 
fany, only dau. of Lieut. Benjamin T. of C, and had eleven children 
(among them Benjamin Tiffany, 7 M.D., and Gilbert, 7 M.D., and 
Rev. Stephen, 7 the compiler of these Records) , when she died Feb. 12, 
1824. He married second, Clarissa Curtis, of White Creek, June 
19, 1824, and had three children more. He died Jan. 8, 1863; 
was a farmer and Baptist. 

v. Sarah, b. Sept. 26, 1780 ; m. Stephen Dwinnelle, of Sennett, N. Y., 
and had twelve children — one, William, 7 a graduate of Madison 
University, class of 1842. She died June 15, 1855. 

vi. James, b. May 9, 1782 ; married, , 1806, Eunice Hoard, had twelve 

children, and died Aug. 17, 1844, at Cambridge, Ohio. 

vii. Mercy, b. Feb. 7, 1784; m. Daniel Stevens and had 7 children. 
They removed from Genoa, Cayuga Co., N. Y., about 1839, to Mich- 
igan, and are lost to kindred. 

viii. Amos, b. Sept. 5, 1785 ; m. Mary Hodgson, had eight children, and d. 
June 13, 1870, at Davis, Stephenson Co., 111. 

ix. Phebe, b. April 7, 1787; m. Russell Mattison, May 5, 1811, had ten 
sons and a dau., and died March 8, 1869, at Randolph, Pa. 

x. Abraham, Jr., b. Dec. 20, 1788 ; m. Lydia Guy, March 23, 1815, and 
had four children, two sons in the Union Army. He died July 26, 
1879, at Humphrey, N. Y. 

xi. Esthkb, 2d, b. Nov. 21, 1790: m. Ebenezer Willoughby, Aug. 11, 
1811, son of Rev. Ebenezer W., of Kingsbury, and had three children ; 
died , 1825, at Great Valley, N. Y. 

xii. Richard (Col.), b. Oct. 26, 1792 ; m. Polly McCuller, Jan. 22, 1819, 
and had nine children. A farmer, Sheriff, and Judge of Cattaraugus 
Co., N.Y. He died Oct. 15, 1857, at Great Valley. 

Wright Genealogy. 11 

17. Capt. Asahel 5 Wright (Ebenezer 4 Ebenezer? Abel, 2 Abel 1 ) was 
born in Mansfield, Aug. 18, 1754, and married Eve Haynes, dau. of Joseph 
H., in 1788, and had nine children. He lived awhile in Cornwall, C. W., but 
located about 1791 at Augusta, on a good farm where he spent his days, 
and died Jan. 1, 1813. Children : 

i. Joseph (Capt.), b. May 10, 1789 ; m. Elizabeth Bissell, and had five 

ii. Joun, b. May 10, 1790 ; m. Mary McLean, no children ; d. March, 1876. 
iii. Abel, b. May 8, 1791 ; m. Sarah t Landon, and had ten children ; d. 

, 1872. 

iv. Elizabeth, b. Dec. 7, 1792 ; m. Samuel Brown, and had three children; 

d. Oct. 13, 1815. 
v. Asahel (Capt.), b. May 27, 1794; m. Eleanor Carpenter, and had 

nine children ; was a farmer at North Augusta, and d. June 18, 1874. 
vi. Michael (Dea.), b. Jan. 1, 1796; m. Susanna Wright, and had five 

children ; a farmer and Baptist deacon, and d. April 11, 1869. 
vii. Amos (Capt.), b. Dec. 23, 1797; m. Minerva Wing, had seven 

children, and d. Oct. , 1875. 

viii. Catharine, b. Dec. 6, 1800; m. William Wood, and had eight children ; 

d. Aug. 5, 1869. 
ix. Mark, b. Nov. 28, 1802; m. w Mary McNish, and Amy Holden ; nine 

children, yet living. 

18. Ebenezer 5 Wright (Ebenezer, 4 Ebenezer , s Abel 2 Abel 1 ) was born 
in Mansfield, Ct., Oct. 15, 1758, and settled in Pompey, N. Y., about 1795. 
He was a farmer and a Baptist, and died there June 14, 1840. He mar- 
ried Rachel Marsh, about 1781, and had nine children. Their children 
were as follows, though the birth dates are not fully known : 

i. Elihu, b. about 1781-2 ; had three wives and seven children or more. 

A farmer at Sycamore, DeKalb Co., 111., where he died years ago. 
n. Nathan, b. , 1783 ; m. Hannah Palmer, and had five or six children; 

went to Ohio, 
iii. Polly, b. Jan. 21, 1786 ; m. Charles Thomas, and had eight children- 
one, Hon. Eron Noble,' 1 b. May 9, 1809 ; was two years in the N. Y. 

Assembly. She died June 14, 1863, at Rose, N.Y. 

iv. Lyman, b. , 1788, and died Dec. 26, 1813, unmarried. ' 

v. Joel, b. April 20 ; 1790, had two wives and six children ; d. June 5, 

vi. Levi, b. 1793 ; m. , went to Indiana, and had six or seven 

vii. Hiram Munson, b. Dec. 6, 1796 ; m. Dencey Phinney, Jan. 27, 1818, 

had twelve children, and d. Dec. 1878, with a daughter, Mrs. Dr. J. 

A. Reynolds in Rochester, N. Y. 
viii. Adin, b. July 2, 1798 ; m. Betsy Phillips, Oct. 25, 1823, had five 

children, a farmer and melted himself cradling grain, July 26, 1834. 
ix. Julia Malinda, b. 1804 ; and d. Feb. 6, 1828, at Pompey. 

19. Capt. Amos 5 Wright (Ebenezer 4 Ebenezer 2 Abel 2 Abel 1 ) was born 
June 22, 1761 , at Newtown, Sussex Co., N. Jersey. He married Sabrah Wil- 
cox, about 1785, at New Haven, Vt., and located near his older brother 
Asahel, at Augusta, Canada West, about 1790-1, on a fine tract of 500 
acres of new land, while his wife drew 800 acres more on her father's ac- 
count, making a domain of 1300 acres of valuable land, which he soon left 
to his young family of four children and their mother, for he died July 19, 
1796, in his early manhood. 

i. Abraham, b. Oct. 27, 1786, at N. Haven, Vt. ; m. Elizabeth Purdy, Nov. 
16, 1808, at Augusta, and had eight children. A farmer, he finally 
located at Richmond Hill, north of Toronto ; d. Mar. 10, 1863. Ilia 
eldest son, Hon. Amos 1 W. b. Nov. 24, 1809, was twenty years in 

12 Wright Genealogy . 

the Provincial Parliament from the Toronto District, from 1850-1870, 
and is now in government employ at Prince Arthur's Landing, near 
Thunder Bay, above Lake Superior. 

ii. Sarah, b. 1788, at Johnstown ; m. John Mallery, had seven children. 

iii. William, b. about 1790; had two wives, and five children. 

iv. David, b. 1793-4, and d. about 1811. 

20. David 5 Wright (Ebenczer,* Ebenezer? Abel, 2 Abel 1 ) was born Nov. 1 6, 

1763, at Newtown, also, and married Tamar Burritt, of , in Vermont, I 

think, about 1796, and located at Cornwall, near the St. Lawrence, on a 
farm, where he died Oct. 25, 1819, where some of their posterity contiuue to 
reside. Llis wife died the next February. Their children were : 

i. Esther, b. July, 1797 ; m. Charles Carpenter, and had two children, 
ii. John, b. Aug. 18, 1799, at Cornwall ; m. Prudentia Raymond, Feb. 

3, 1831, and had eleven children ; one son in our Union army for a 

iii. Amos, b. May 4, 1801 ; m. Margaret Sherriff, had five children, was a 

farmer, and d. Oct. 24, 1836. 
iv. David, b. Feb. 1803; m. Mary Herrick,and had four children. 
v. Diana, b. Nov. 1805, and d. Nov. 1809. 
vi. Augustus, b. Nov. 1807, d. June, 1810. 

vii. Paulina, b. 1809 ; m. Dolman, and had two children. 

viii. Eliza Ann, b. 1811 ; m. John Mcllmoil, and had one child. 

21. Capt. Samuel 5 Wright (Rev. Eliphalet* Ebenezer? Abel, 5 Abel 1 ) 
was born at Mansfield, April 2, 1761, and like his father, was a tanner and 
currier at South Killingly ; and after his removal to Hinsdale, Berkshire 
Co., Mass., about 1795, he was also a farmer. He married Keziah Stearns 
about 1791, and had 8 children, when she died July 10, 1810. Then he 
married, second, Betsey Watkins, who bore him 4 children. He was a 
Congregationalist, and died Jan. 8, 1835, aged 74 years. Iiis children 
were : 

i. Eliphalet, b. Feb. 21, 1792, and d. Oct. 5, 1809, at Hinsdale. 

ii. Elizabeth, b. Oct. 2, 1794 ; d. March 17, 1795. 

iii. Miller Ames, b. Dec. 1, 1796; m. Abigail Charles, of H., and 2d, 
Mary Tompkins, and had four children. He moved to Georgia. 

iv. Rebecca, b. Aug. 28, 1799; m. Rufus Herrick, and had four children. 

v. Maria, b. Feb. 1, 1802 ; m. Nathaniel Hudson Hinckley, and had one 

vi. Rufus Marsh, b. April 1, 1804 ; m. Salina Parish, and had one child. 

vii. Samuel Stearns, b. Sept. 25, 1806 ; m. Orinda E. Owen, and liad three 

viii. Elizabeth, 2nd, b. Jan. 2, 1809^; m. R. Herrick, as 2nd wife, and had 
seven children. 

ix. Keziah, b. May 29, 1812; m. Israel Drown, and had one child, 
Louisa B. 1 

x. Infant, b. March 28, 1814, d. same day. 

xi. Abigail, b. March 1, 1815; m. Warren Pierce, and had one son, 
Wyatt WJ 

xii. Eliphalet, M.D., b. April 21, 1817; m. Ilulbert. In large prac- 
tice at Lee, Mass., for many years. 

22. Dea. Elisha 5 Wright (Elisha* Ebenezer? Abel, 2 Abel 1 ) was born 
Nov. 9, 1759, at Mansfield, and married, 1792, Asenath Brigham, at Shafts- 
bury, and had 4 children. He was a Baptist, a carpenter and farmer, and 
'removed to Williston, Vt., about 1795, and died there June 20, 1832. His 

wife died Jan. 7, 1855. Children were : 

i. Brigham 0., b. July 1, 1793, at Shaftsbury ; m. Urania Murray, March 

17, 1817, and had six children, and d. Jan. 18, 1862, at VV. Milton, Vt. 

ii. Eunice, b. Oct. 8, 1794 ; m. John Firman, had onechild, and both dead. 


Wright Genealogy. 13 

iii. John, b. Oct. 8, 1797, at Williston ; m. Polly Holt, had seven sons. 

One of these, Hon. Smith 7 Wright, has sat several years in the Vt. 

iv. Hannah, b. May 8, 1804 ; m. Ron.lChas. Russell, a farmer of Bombay, 

N. Y., and had eight children. One of these is now Judge Horace 7 

Russell, of the Superior Court of N. Y. City; b. June 19, 1843, a 

graduate of Dartmouth College in 1865. 

23. Abraham Spafford 6 Wright (Elisha, 4 Ebenezer, 3 Abel, 2 Abel 1 ), 
was born at Mansfield, Jan. 19, 1772, and married Hannah Dunham, about 
1792, at Shaftsbury, and had 11 children born in Shaftsbury, Royalton and 
"Williston, Vt. He was a mechanic and farmer, and died March 4, 1826. 

i. Elisha (Dea.), b. Oct. 23, 1793; m. Semele Smith, and had eight 

ii. Hannah, b. Feb. 4, 1795 ; m. Rufus Walston, and had four children. 
| iii. Priscilla, b. Feb. 17. 1797 ; m. Wright Clark, and had eight children, 

iv. Electa, b. Dec. 10, 1798 ; m. Aaron Merrill, and had eight children. 
v. Olive, b. May, 1800 ; m. George Lilly, and:had two children, and died 

vi. Orinda, b. May 23, 1802; m/Osmin Norton, and had one child; d. 

Feb. 25, 1878. 
vii. Aurill, b. April 20, 1804 : m. Hiram II. Allen, and had three children, 
viii. John Dunham, b. Feb. 8, 1807 ; m. Emily Robinson, who died soon : 

m. second, Celia Hanks, a cousin of Abraham Lincoln, who bore him 

seven children ; m. third, Eveline Simmons, who had seven children ; 

a farmer in the west. 
ix. Marvin, b. Oct. 24, 1809 ; never married, and a rover in the West. 
x. Charles, b. Nov. 11, 1811 ; m. Matilda Porter, and had seven children. 

Farmer in Iowa. 
xi. Mary Lucy, b. Dec. 22, 1814; m. Geo. A. Chapman, a farmer at 

Jericho,Vt., had two children ; Olive Maria 7 and Marvin Wright. 7 

24. John Hyde 5 Wright {Elisha, 4 Ebenezer, 3 Abel, 2 Abel 1 ) was born 
April 19, 1777, at Mansfield, and married Oct. 7, 1802, Lorinda Royce, of 
M., with whom he lived in happy wedlock for over 63 years, both dying in 
February, 1866, at Willington, Ct., he being nearly 89 years old. He was 
a farmer in Mansfield and in W., passing the evening of life in total blind- 
ness for several years. Their 4 children were : 

i. SoPHRONiA, b. Aug. 26, 1804"; m. Lucien Holt, and had two sons. 

ii. Spafford, b. Nov. 21, 1808 ; m. Julia Ann Kuss,and had five children. 

iii. Elisha (Lieut.), b. Nov. 24, 1815; studied law ; was in the Mexican 

war, and d. July 27, 1848, at Clinton, Mich, 
iv. Sarah, b. March 9, 1819 ; and died Feb. 12, 1844, unmarried. 

25. Ebenezer 5 Wright (Capt. Amaziah, 4 Ebenezer? Abel 2 Abel 1 ) was 
born in Mansfield, April 10, 1765, and married, about 1788. Anna Galu- 
sha (born May 6, 1764), a sister of Gov. Jonas Galusha, of Vermont, and 
had 8 children. He was a farmer and removed, about 1798, to Salina, 
N. Y., thence to Oswego Falls, and to Wadsworth, Medina Co., Ohio, in 
1813, as his son Orris C wrote me in 1864, from Johnson's Corners, Ohio. 
He died at Hudson, O., Dec. 9, 1844, and has a large posterity in Ohio and 
the states further west.' His children were : 

i. Lucinda, b. 1789, at M. ; and d. in 1800, aged eleven. 

ii. William Henry (Rev.), b. May 1, 1791 ; m. Almira Dunham, and had 
five children ; m. second, Emily Miller, and had six more children. 
He was an M. E. Pastor ; and d. Jan. 13, 1880. Among these eleven 
children are Rev. Charles 7 W., b. 1814, an M. E. minister, now dead ■ 
and Rev. John 7 W., b. Feb. 22, 1819, who has had twelve children. ' 


John Milton, b. Nov. 22, 1794; m. Abigail Emory, and had seven 
children; d. Feb. 5, 1871. 


14 Wright Genealogy. 

iv. Charles, b. 1790 ; m. , had six children or more, and is lost 

to the family. 

t. Sophia, b. 1799 ; m. Luman Woodward, had four children. And lived 
in Canada West, where she died. 

vi. Orris C, b. March 4, 1802, at Salina; m. Elizabeth Reese, had ten 
children, two infants died young, and he d. Aug. 5, 1869. One son, 
Lieut. Col. Myron Thomas, 7 b. Jan. 1, 1839, served over three years 
in the Union army, and d. Jan. 7, 1865, before Savannah, from a 
shell wound, in Gen. Sherman's army. 

vii. Anna Lucinda, b. July 4, 1805 ; m. Parker Tyer, had eight children. 

viii. Mary, b. Feb. 6, 1810 ; m. Richard Riley, and had seven children. 

26. Thomas 5 Wright (Amaziah* Ebenezer? ^Abel, 2 Abel 1 ) was born 
Wednesday, March 1, 1779, at Mansfield; had two wives. Clarissa Hol- 
lenbeck, first wife, bore him 10 children ; by second wife, Eliza Pryor, he 
had one. He was a farmer in Hudson, Ohio, a Congregationalist, and died - 
Aug. 21, 1854. Only seven children lived to maturity. 

i. William Fitch, b. Oct. 1. 1809, at Canaan, Ct; m. , Feb. 25, 

1836, has no children. A farmer in Hudson, O. — held various offices. 

ii. Samuel, b. Jan. 23, 1812, in Conn. : a farmer in H., unmarried. 

iii. Sarah Ann, b. May 8, 1814 ; m. Lora Case, and had four children. 

iv. Mary Elizabeth, b. Feb. 14, 1817; m. Geo. Munson, had one child. 

v. George, b. Feb. 7, 1819 ; m. -, no children ; a farmer in Hudson. 

vi. Susan Jerusha, b. June 6, 1825 ; m. R. F. Humiston, had four children. 

vii. Julia Frances, b. 1840; m. Dr. John E. Darby, an army surgeon in 
the war for a time. She died in 1867, childless. 

27. Stedman Huntington 5 Wright (Eleazer* Ebenezer 3 Abel, 3 Abel 1 ) 
was born at Mansfield, July 4, 1784; married Polly Barrows, of M., March 
27, 1806, and had 10 children. He was a mechanic and lived in several 
places, hence his children were born some in Mansfield and three in Ver- 
mont. He died Nov. 3, 1857, at So. Weymouth, Mass., his wife having 
died Dec. 31, 1839, at Mansfield. His children were : 

i. Charles Austin, b. Jan. 8, 1807, at M/;"*and had two wives, and four 

children ; was a merchant in S. Weymouth, where he d. June 6, 1874. 
ii. Melinda Barrows, b. April 12, 1808 ; m.^Geo. Mowry, and had three 

iii. Mary B., b. April 11, 1810 ; m. E. Burlingham, had three children, 
iv. Anna Marsh, b. March 27, 1812 ; m. Rev. S. Barrows, Jan. 31, 1866. 
v. Orrilla, b. April 19, 1814, and d. young, 
vi. Amanda Marsh, b. Aug. 10, 1815; m. Rev. Sylvester Barrows, Sept. 

18, 1850, had two children (a son John 7 Wright, b. March 10, 1854), 

and d. Dec. 3, 1861. 
vii. Nancy Storrs, b. Oct. 14, 1817 ; and d. Oct. 4, 1843, unmarried, 
viii. Eleazer Stedman, b. May 9, 1820 ; m. Mary L. Reed April 14, 1845, 

had four sons, was a merchant of S. Weymouth, and d. Nov. 18, 1870. 
ix. Juliett Frances, b. June 13, 1824 ; m. M. H. Treusdell, and had two 

i. Jane Adelia. b. July 14, 1826 ; m. Ezra Reed, and had two children. 

Notice. This is only a summary of the first six generations, coming down to some now living. 
If the book on this Wright Genealogy shall be completed, as we hope it may be during the 
year 1881, it will show how the next three generations have increased since Abel W., of 1C31, was 
born, or in 250 years. 

Criticisms, corrections and additions are requested from any who can aid the subscriber to 
more exact Records, in names, dates, and places of births, marriages and deaths. We shall 
hope to enumerate not less than 4,000 or 5,000 names of this Wright lineage and blood. .Send on 
your Records and orders for the book, that we may know how many to print, as the edition will 
be limited to about the number subscribed for. Address— Rev. Stephen Wright, 1\ O. Box 
385, at Glen's Falls, N. Y. About 500 copies are hoped for, at $3.00 per copy. 8. w. 


" Then Samuel took a stone and set it up between Mizpeh and Shen, and called the 
name of it Ebenezer (the stone of help) , saying, Hitherto hath the Lord helped 
us!"— 1 Sam. 7: 12. 

1. Let me sing you a lay of my own father, dear ; 
Whose memory his children should always revere, 
Tho' absent from earth, for some eighteen years, 
We still here lament him in sorrow and tears, 
For, of this he was worthy, as the sequel appears. 

2. Born in December, seventeen seventy-eight, 

In Cambridge, New York, the great Empire State, 
The fifteenth of that month, his nativity came, 
And from his granclsire he received a good name, 
Called Ebenezer ; — let us give it to fame. 

3. The stock whence he sprung was of Puritan blood, 
We cannot say surely when it came o'er the flood ; 
But this we know well, by Records most true, 
That from the Old World they came to the New, 
For how many generations, my story will show. 

4. In the valley of Connecticut, where peaceful waters flow, 
Our ancestor once lived, two hundred years ago, 
Among the early settlers at Springfield was his home, 
And from his fruitful loins, a large family has come. 

His name was Abel Wright, — of English stock he sprung, 
According to best knowledge that we have thus far wrung, 
From Records we have found — most hopeful of the truth, 
Which place him in this valley, in the early days of youth. 

5. From whence he came, we know not — his parentage is hid, 
Nor can we trace his ancestry, nor what they ever did ; 
Suffice it for us now : — he was an honest man, 

And lived there seventy years upon the Christian plan. 
Of ivealth, he little had ; — of worth he had the more, 
True worth of character, he held an ample store ; 
For from his fellow-men, rich honors crowned his brow, 
In church and state, to him — fair homage all did show. 

6. Lieutenant Abel Wright, was first in the line ; 
Born in sixteen thirty-one — where — we cannot divine ; 
And of Martha, his wife, we have no ancient trace, 
But thirteen dear children, their home did well grace, 
Of whom ten married — increasing the race. 

7. Ensign Abel Wright, next comes in our way, 
Born in September, on its. twenty-fifth day, 

In the year sixteen hundred, sixty and four ; 

And with Rebecca Terry, he gained an ample store, 

Yes: — thirteen fine children: — did they need any more? 

16 Wright Genealogy. ¥ 

8. Ebenezer comes next, in the lineage so strait, 
Born February twenty-second, in Connecticut state, 
In seventeen hundred one, as the Records will show, 
AYho was married three times, and had children also ; 
Eleven are named in his ivill, — and this, sure, may do. 

9. Then Ebenezer again comes up in our way, 

Born seventeen twenty-seven — January — the second day, 
Who took Mercy Leach, as his beloved wife, 
And had ten children ; then shared a long life, 
Ere they ended their days, and closed up the strife. 

10. Next Abraham came, of a new generation, 
Who lived in the time of the " great taxation ;" 
Born, July thirteenth, seventeen fifty-two, 

And married Sarah Babcock ; — and then Phebe Burt, 
By whom came twelve children, of most sterling worth. 

11. Then our Ebenezer, as given above, 

Born one-hundred-two years this December, will prove, 
In Cambridge, New York, as already we said — 
Who had eleven children by Mary Tiffany, long dead ; 
And three by a wife whom he later did wed. ■ 

12. Of this large family, ten mated ere long, 

Who had thirty-nine children their households among ; 
Which from Abel the first make the eighth generation ; 
And from these now come others to increase the nation, 
Which may need their help in the next tribulation. 

To all my Wright kindred everywhere, 
With best regards, 

Stephen Wright. 

Glens Falls, N. Y. 
Forefathers' Day, Dec. 22, 1880. 

Wright.— Can any one help me in reference to the following dates and 
persons of the Capt. Amaziah 4 Wright family ? Capt. Amaziah W., son of 
Ebenezer 3 and Sarah (Huntington) Wright, of Mansfield, born Feb. 11, 
1739 ; m. Zerviah Fitch, April 1, 1762, a daughter of Captain and Deacon 
Eleazer F., of Windham, Conn. He lived in Mansfield most of his life, 
where his ten children were born from 1763 to 1785. He settled the estate 
of his father, who died April 22, 1786, in M., and removed soon afterwards 
to Salisbury near the northwest corner of the state, where he and his wife 
died, and also son EUphalet 5 born Dec. 28, 1777. 

Who can give the dates of these three deaths ? or any of them from tomb- 
stone inscriptions or authentic records ? Or the date of their settlement in 
Salisbury ? 

Again : he had a son Eleazer Fitch 5 W., born March 22, 1770; m. (can 

any one say to whom ?), removed to central or western New York, and had 
sons and daughters— Walter, 6 Maria, 6 Caroline 6 and Electa. 6 Caroline 
married Mr. Richard Morris and went to Cedar Lake, Waushara Co., Wis.; 
and Maria lived with them unmarried, years a<?o. Who can give any know- 
ledge of this family, or any of them ? or their P. O. address, so I may try to 
reach them ? 

Glen's Falls, N.Y., Dec. 1880. S. Wright